About Us

Just a little about us.

We are a reclaiming wood furniture and decor company operating east of Airdrie for the last three years (on social media @greenlightreclaimed). We deconstruct barns, buildings and other beautiful structures in Alberta, using only hand tools and very little machinery to ensure that we restore as much lumber as possible. After the deconstruction phase is complete we clean and dry store our wood for 6 months to a year to allow the lumber to dry properly before we begin building with it. Then we build meticulously designed furniture, wall décor and other beautiful pieces!

Who we are.

Owners: Curtis & Carleyne Sianchuk

Curtis is from Saskatchewan and Carleyne is from Edmonton! With their unique skill-sets as a carpenter and designer, these two combine their experience to give you beautiful hand crafted and one of a kind reclaimed wood products.

  • Carleyne – Rustic Sign Night Director
  • Curtis – Business Development & Marketing

Operations Staff

  • Janice: Events Coordinator


  • Travis
  • Rene
  • Darren

Calgary Instructors

  • Lynndy
  • Shawna
  • Janna
  • Robin
  • Ashley
  • Kristyne
  • Janna

Edmonton Instructors

  • Selina
  • Jackie
  • Carolyn
  • Pauline

Red Deer Instructors

  • Jackie

Saskatchewan Instructors

  • Stef
  • Desiree

B.C. Instructors

  • Renee


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