Private Events FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions

The deposit for private events is $65.00 + tax and covers the cost of your sign for the evening. Cost for each guest is $65.00 + tax per person.

After the deposit is paid an event page is created for you where your guests can pay and choose their stencils. We ask that ALL attendees purchase their tickets before the event. Should something happen and they are unable to attend the instructor will leave their sign, stencils, transfer tape and paint so they have a DIY kit to do at home.

*We ask for a minimum of 10 people to attend.

For fundraising events please see Can my event be a fundraiser? below.

You can host your event at any location you wish! Your home, community centers, churches, a local pub (we have many we are already partnered with near you!) or a restaurant of your choosing, etc. We just need tables and enough chairs for all attendees, and good lighting and our instructor will bring all the rest of the supplies to create these stunning reclaimed wood signs!

To recover its costs, Rustic Sign Night requires a minimum of 10 people to attend. If, for example, only 8 people come to your event despite your best efforts, we will expect the host or other attendees to purchase the remaining 2 signs. These ‘sign kits’ will include the signs, stencils, and paint required to complete the additional signs and are great for friends that just couldn’t make it the night of the event.

If the private event is cancelled, all registered attendees will be offered free transfers to any upcoming pub events, or a gift certificate can be issued to be used at any upcoming event.

Go to and complete the form with the date you would like to host the event on. We will then confirm if it is available.
Rustic Sign nights usually take about 3 hours. The instructor will arrive anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes before hand to set up, depending on the size of the group. It will take them about 20-45 minutes to clean up once guests are finished painting.
The instructor will bring all the materials for the event including paints. They will need a table to set up the paints. As the host, please consider that everyone will need a place to sit at a counter or table to work on their sign. If space is an issue we can always arrange to have the event at one of our partner pubs.
After paying the event deposit an event page will be created for you. This is where your guests can view stencil options and then select them when purchasing a ticket.

The maximum group size is usually limited by space at the venue. If you have space for 70 people, we can make it happen! Just keep in mind that everyone will need a place to sit at a table to paint their sign and that generally a table for 4 is big enough for 2-3 people to sit at comfortably to paint as the signs are wider than a normal place setting for a meal.

For larger groups of 25+ people we would prefer guests choose their stencils in advance and pay online so that we can be as organized as possible. If your group will be this size, we would be happy to create an event webpage specially for your group to accomplish this once you have reserved the date you would like to book.

We have found that producing custom stencils for our private or pub events just becomes too overwhelming for us. We have over 50 different stencils for guests to choose from and with backgrounds the combinations are endless! If you have your heart set on a custom stencil, you can always order a custom sign through our website and we will make sure it’s just what you’re looking for.

Completed custom signs that have been painted for you range from $75.00-110.00. E-mail for more information or check out our online store at:

We do not offer discounts for larger groups as we generally have to bring in additional help as the numbers increase so that everyone is looked after at the party.

It is possible for us to increase the ticket cost at your event and have the additional funds over our regular ticket price go directly to your cause. Promoting the event would be up to you. From our experience so far, getting a good turnout to a fundraiser does require a lot of work so be prepared. We will create a special web page for attendees to read about the event and pay online in advance to reserve a spot.

We require that ten tickets are purchased in advance of your fundraising event at our regular ticket price (+tax). This 10 person payment is non-refundable.

If, for example, only 8 people come to your event despite your best efforts, we will exchange the two remaining pre-purchased tickets with ‘sign kits’. These ‘sign kits’ will include the signs, stencils, and paint required to complete the additional signs.

Our signs are made of 100% reclaimed wood. They do vary slightly in size depending on the width of the boards. Generally, they are between 15×20 and 19×20 inches. We reclaim many prairie gems, including barns and grain elevators. We do not stain the wood, so that its natural weathered colour comes through! However, each sign has a layer of protective clear sealant.

As a thank-you for all your hard work in organizing and hosting the event we offer our hosts a gift certificate to be used for any Rustic Sign Night pub party (value $65.00 plus local tax).

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